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Chris Cordova
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March 09, 1983 Chef Single
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delia pando (gorney)
August 13, 1964 customer service Committed Relationship 3
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Kristen Hoskins
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April 23, 1988 Single
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Paula Pando (Hoskins)
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VP Provider Network & Contracting Married 2
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Karlie Intlekofer
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May 15, 1982 PhD Candidate Single
Grandaughter of Pete and Phyllis Pando

Daughter of Ken and Fran Intlekofer

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Anna Pando (Kwiecien)
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Manager - Financial Reporting Married 1
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Edmund Marquez
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November 18, 1973 Insurance Agent Married 2
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Priscilla Pando (Marquez)
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May 20, 1947 Retired Executive Director - Theatre; Insurance Agent Married 2
My dad is Leo Pando who passed away in 1997.  My Mom , Emma, died March 3, 2009 at the age of 93 years old.

Information about the Pando's from my sister Eva in Canada:
The Pandos come from Villapando, in Northern Spain so we are Basque decendants.  There is a Villapando in Zaragoza, which is southern  Spain.  Mom believes were were from the north, possibly the village is spelled Vilapando or vialpando.  I've seen it on a good world atlas map of Spain.  There is a website of Villapando people looking for their ancesotrs at  Looks like our name wa spelled Vialpando before Pando.  A search of Pandos turns up hundreds.  If you click on New Mexico, you will see where most of these people lived.  Some in Mora (a Rosendo)
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Lea Marquez (Marquez Peterson)
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Business Owner/Chamber President Married 2

My family lives in Tucson, Arizona. I own a business brokerage firm called Marquez Peterson Group, LLC and am also the President/CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Check out

I am married to Dan Peterson and have two kids, Emma and Luke.

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Bertha Medina (Martinez)
January 31, 1958 Retired Married 2
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